The Story of Mezzet

The Mezzet brand, owned by Ege Hazır Yiyecek company, was born in 1992. Since then, it has become a beloved flavor icon, maintaining its presence effectively both in Turkey and worldwide. Drawing inspiration from the fertile lands of the Aegean, the company merges the rich heritage of Turkish and world cuisine with modern packaging, offering customers a unique experience. Mezzet is meticulously crafted using carefully selected high-quality ingredients and meticulously prepared recipes to ensure its exceptional taste. Preferred on tables both in Turkey and around the world, Mezzet continues to uphold its reputation for reliability and quality standards, remaining the favorite brand of customers over the years.
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Preserving Natural Flavor

While making our food, we preserve the natural flavor by employing the correct cooking and marinating techniques as well as high-quality ingredients.

Quality Ingredients

By prioritizing quality, we meet our customers’ needs for good and nutritious food.

Right Technique

We evaluate different ingredients and methods to enhance flavor in our recipes.



Our hygienic production facility is the key to healthy and delectable food. In our facility, which adheres to health and hygiene standards, the products are made available to customers in more than 100 different sorts and three different forms of packaging. Packaging can be prepared with PP, jar, and tin choices in a variety of weights.


Homemade Flavor

There is the smell and flavor of your home under the lid, because the touch of a mother’s hand permeates these foods prepared with mother’s recipes.

Anywhere Anytime

Practical flavors that you can keep in your backpack and access at any time and anywhere.

Quick and Healthy

It is the best option to quickly reach a healthy and familiar flavor whenever you are hungry.