Delicious Moments Are What We Offer Everywhere!

With the largest and most up-to-date packaged ready-to-eat food facility in Turkey, Ege Hazır Yiyecek reaches a large customer base through its nationwide distribution network while also establishing a name for itself internationally through its exports to dozens of nations across four continents, proving the quality of its products.

Ege Hazır Yiyecek continues To be one of the top ready-to-eat food brands among taste enthusiasts thanks to its delicious and dependable goods made using new and ground-breaking processes.

Ege Hazır Yiyecek is the architect of delicious moments!


Flavors Safely Delivered All Over the World

We demonstrate the meticulousness we exhibit in every field, from the transportation of our food products to our production facilities from the location where they are produced as raw materials to the packaging of the products, from the storage locations to the delivery to consumers, in the area of international food logistics.We collaborate with organizations that have attained the required accreditations and have demonstrated their ability to safeguard the integrity and safety of food items during international shipping of our goods.
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We act with a working motive that is dependable, transparent, ethical, and maintains the originality, naturalness, and health of the product because we care about customer satisfaction.


With the superiority of our cutting-edge products that respect both people and the environment and our vast customer base, we remain competitive.


We are the pioneers of the sector, producing healthy and innovative products suitable for changing consumer and consumption habits in the food category in Turkey and globally.


We are leaders in providing cutting-edge, ethical, and customer-focused products, from soil to fork, to create a healthier future.


We are a market leader in producing high-quality, value-added products and providing them to customers at competitive costs through all sales channels.